Why We Need to Pay Attention to Our Feelings

Feelings matter. We all have feelings but we just don't pay much attention to them. Growing up we learn that we shouldn't cry, we shouldn't feel sad, we should control our anger and jealousy but nobody tells us how. So we end up just suppressing them until we are numb and don't even notice our emotions anymore.
Five reasons why we need to pay attention to our feelings:
  1. Suppressing some emotions, makes us numb to all of them (even the good ones)
  2. Ignoring feelings we don't want to have makes them stronger
  3. Naming the feelings that we don't want to have makes them weaker and so we feel more at ease and can start to figure out what to do
  4. Naming positive feelings makes them last longer
  5. Our emotions are telling us valuable and very personal information (feelings we like are telling us we are on the right track and vice versa)
It might feel a bit uncomfortable to begin with because we are not used to really feeling. But give it a go, stick with it and be curious. Feelings are here for a reason - hear them out.
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