Using Our Emotions as Our Guides


We have emotions for a reason. If this is new for you or if you want to know more about why we have emotions, take a look at this article before reading on: What is the purpose of our feelings.

Emotions come in many shapes and sizes. Some are very comfortable and pleasant, while others are painful, unbearable or simply unlikeable. If we feel something uncomfortable, it inspires us to do something, to change so that we can find greater comfort. It’s as if we sat down on something sharp or pointed. If we don’t like how it feels on our behinds, we get up and move to another place.

It’s the same with feelings. When we feel so-called ‘negative’ emotions, it may be because they want us to become aware of something and to act. They have to be unpleasant enough so that we are willing to move, to change and to course correct, which is not always easy.

Feelings that we enjoy, make us want to stay where we are or do more of what is making us feel good. As I see it, it’s a confirmation that we are on the right track.

From this perspective, if we tune into our emotions, they can be our guides by making us aware when we are off track, so that we can take action - to change something in the situation we are in or in the way we are thinking.

This is one thing to keep in mind when it comes to emotions. There is more though, because they also tell us a lot about our needs, values and beliefs. Here is one free article already: Emotions and Needs… more linked than you think 

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