Disney / Pixar Helping Us To Spread Emotional Awareness


Do you ever look at someone and wonder what’s going on inside their head?

Yes. All the time.

We almost couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the trailer for the upcoming Disney/Pixar animation that is exactly about this. Instead of the usual adventure out in the world, Inside Out, which will be released in US theaters in June 2015 (July in the UK), is all about the adventures and workings of our minds and our emotions.

We were speechless and had to watch the trailer numerous times to really let it sink in. Here is the trailer:

Most people don’t realize that they have thoughts and emotions constantly playing in their minds. We tend to just be on autopilot and it all blends into one thing that we just accept as is. This story will be eye opening for many people as it shows how we have different thoughts and emotions that influence our actions and behaviors and ultimately our lives.

Our hope is that this movie will make people aware of the important role that emotions play in our lives, so that we start to pay more attention to them and finally become more self-aware. This is what will empower us and enable us to live the lives that we want to live and to be the people that we want to be.

We are also thrilled that millions of children will be watching this animation. The earlier we learn about the value and role of our emotions, the better. This is also why we will be launching our first children’s version of Feeling Magnets this summer. Find out more about Feeling Magnets Kids.

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