Lady Gaga and the Emotion Revolution


Our minds have what is referred to as the confirmation bias, which means we tend to notice things that confirm what we already believe. It makes sense, when you start thinking of buying a specific car, all of a sudden you see that car everywhere. It's not that there are more of this car driving around suddenly, it's that our mind is more alert to seeing it and so we notice it more. Quite crazy if you think about it. When we first heard about the upcoming Disney / Pixar animation and then about the Emotion Revolution, we thought it might just be our minds and the confirmation bias. Yes, we at Feeling Magnets are completely in the world of emotions - that's what we are all about. But it seems that there is more than just our confirmation bias at work, emotions are becoming more and more of a topic that preoccupies people and that experts are insisting we should pay attention to more.

The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation have launched an Emotion Revolution campaign with the aim to create awareness that emotions matter. As Mark Brackett, the founder of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence says, emotions “matter a great deal for almost everything we do in life, from learning, to decision making, to relationships, to mental health to just about our every day effectiveness.”

Lady Gaga shares her story and why she believes that this Emotion Revolution is critical, “I know what it feels like to feel depressed, to feel humiliated, to feel isolated…” She wants to encourage youth to “tell the world how you feel, but more importantly tell the world how you want to feel.”

We couldn't agree more with the message in this campaign: Emotions Matter. If you had any doubt that emotions were worth our attention, then we hope that the increasing number of initiatives on this topic are helping you to see it otherwise. Feeling Magnets supports the Emotion Revolution.

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