Why Feeling Magnets For Kids


Everyone in the Feeling Magnets team was over 20 years old when we discovered what emotions were really all about. Feelings were not something we had given much thought to, if any at all, nor did we set out to learn about them. It just kind of happened to us - each of us in our own way. One thing that we all agree on is that we would have loved to learn about them earlier. Actually, even more than that, still today we are shocked that this isn’t something we learned as children.

If you think about it, it’s well known that children learn languages more easily than adults do. We believe that it’s the same for emotions - it would be much easier if we learned to feel them at a young age, if we learned to identify the different feelings, to know what they mean and how to navigate them well before our twenties. That being said, it’s never too late and we are all proof of that.

This conviction we felt that children should learn about emotions as early as possible has been following us since the beginning of Feeling Magnets. We delved into the world of kids and emotions to see what was already out there, and nothing we found really seemed to cover what we thought children should have. There were many cards, magnets and posters with faces and different expressions, there were some exercises around emotions but they just didn’t do it for us.

Emotions are more than faces and to be fair, in our world today, people have become very good at masking their emotions by plastering on a smile. Feelings also go deeper. We can feel sad without crying, we can feel deeply angry without red faces and sweat beads flying off our faces and we can feel happy without a huge grin on our face. Faces are an important part of emotions but they don’t cover it. This is why we decided that there was a need to create Feeling Magnets for children and we are feeling very excited, confident and hopeful to bring them to you this summer.

The My Feelings Box will be the first version of Feeling Magnets for children aimed at eight to twelve year olds. These pre-teen years can be a very powerful time to plant seeds that can then fruit and help children to soar through adolescence more smoothly. The goal of the My Feelings Box is to guide children on a journey to discovering emotions and for them to create a healthy relationship with them for life.

This is a tool that therapists and psychologists consider very useful in their practices but our main intention was to make it fun and engaging so that children can integrate them into their day to day lives at home and at school. The angle that we found really resonates with children is to make it more of a game or mystery to solve. With the My Feelings Box, children will learn to crack the code of their emotions to unlock their emotional super powers.


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