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As we have been developing the My Feelings Box for children (first version of Feeling Magnets for children), we tried and tested many approaches to see how children would best respond to learning about emotions in a fun and engaging way. Everything we have learned and researched about emotions, emotional intelligence, resilience showed us that we all have emotions and we all have the potential to have better lives if we learn to understand our emotions and to navigate them. Yes, it’s like our emotions are a superpower that is hiding within us and we just have to unlock it.

So we started asking children, “If you had an emotion superpower, what do you think it would do?” We had no idea what to expect and their answers just blew us away.

“If I had an emotion superpower, I would want to be able to control people so that I can stop wars in the world.” (10-year old girl from Ireland)

“I would want to spread contagious laughter.” (15-year old boy from Ireland)

“I would be able to know what others are feeling and what they need and how I could help - to hug them, to pick them flowers, to make them dinner or let them cry.” (10-year old girl from South Africa)

“I would be be able to control my emotions and I would be happier and my life would be better” (12-year old girl from South Africa)

“I would happy” (8-year old girl from South Africa)

“I would know what I was feeling all the time, because sometimes it’s hard to know” (9-year old boy from South Africa)

"To make all the girls fall in love with me" (12-year old boy from Switzerland)

"I would be able to make people feel happy as soon as I start talking to them." (12-year old girl from Switzerland)

“I would like to have a contagious happy mood so I have the power to change people's mood into happiness just by walking past them and so I will be happy by making others happy." (12-year old girl from Venezuela)

“Never have sadness” (11-year old boy from the United States)

“The power to change from angry to happy” (11-year old girl from Argentina)

“I would be able to feel the feelings of somebody else.” (9-year old boy from Argentina)

"My emotion superpower would would allow me to help people in distress and heal the environment." (12-year old girl from Switzerland)


Yes some kids also wanted to be able to travel in time and to fly as well (of course that would be cool too!), but for the most part, their responses were very surprising and moving. It highlighted to us again that we humans are really good at heart and that we all want the same things - to be happy, to live in a peaceful world and to be connected to each other. Without any explanation at all, they all linked this to having an emotion superpower and they are absolutely right.

Now we want to know, if you had an emotion superpower, what would you want it to do?

What is your answer? Ask kids around you and see what they come up with… It’s fascinating. Share the answers with us on www.emotionsuperpower.com where we will publish all the responses we get. You also have the chance to win one of the very first sets of the new My Feelings Box.

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