A Most Unexpected Partnership

A most unexpected partnership in Feeling Magnets


When I used to google “Feeling Magnets” to see if we showed up on the first page, I discovered another website that always came in second place. It was the website of a lady in South Africa who called herself “The Emotion Lady”. She had created a tool quite similar to Feeling Magnets but with drawings that were simply stunning!

I knew right away that if I were to create a version with images or drawings that this is exactly how I would want to do it. They were quite simple stick figures that managed with only few simple strokes to express emotions so powerfully.

I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, I don’t believe in copy-catting and I couldn’t think of any better images for the “non-word” version I wanted to create. So I thought, I have nothing to lose, I will write her. And I did.


On the 11th of April 2015 I wrote her this email:


Dear Emotion Lady :-)

My name is Manuela and I am the founder of Feeling Magnets. Hopefully you don't find this strange but I felt like reaching out to you seeing as we seem to have a very common mission: to help people to develop emotional awareness. I love what you have done with Sticky Feelings - the fact that you added the bodies to the faces is brilliant and I really like the way you communicate and explain emotions.

Feeling Magnets has started out as a product for adults but seeing as I wish I would have learned all of this earlier (aka as a child), children's versions have been in the plans since the beginning. Having discovered Sticky Feelings, which is very similar to what I would have developed for children, I thought there may not be a need to re-invent the wheel. I know you are based in South Africa and from what I hear, it's a little tricky to get your magnets elsewhere in the world, which is a real shame. So many people are missing out on them.

I am curious if you are planning to expand to other parts of the world and if you might be interested in some kind of a collaboration for this. I don't have anything specific in mind, but perhaps we may have some synergies. We are currently producing and selling in the US and we know how complex it is when orders come in from other parts of the world... 

If you are interested in having a chat sometime, that would be really great. We could perhaps 'meet' via Skype?

Wishing you a lovely day!

Feeling nervous, curious and open,

The Other Emotion Lady (Manuela)

The next day I got a response from the mysterious “Emotion Lady” and she actually had a name :-)


Hi Manuela, 

How wonderful to hear from you. I'm so glad you've reached out. I'd LOVE to collaborate to make Sticky Feelings more accessible and am sure we could make something beautiful happen that is beneficial to all concerned. As you say it's so valuable to spread information about Emotional awareness. 

I've got a crazy busy week that begins on Monday but I'd love to Skype the following week. Let me know what time zone you are on. 

I really look forward to connecting. 

With gratitude



And that was the beginning of our collaboration which has now blossomed into a really fun partnership and the beautiful Feeling Bodies that we are soon launching. Who would have thought that? :-)

Thanks to Skype and WhatsApp, we feel like we have known each other for years but we have yet to meet in person, and we definitely will one day.

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