We all have emotions, but we generally don't pay much attention to them, let alone understand them.
Many of us have taken on negative habits when it comes to addressing our emotions - ignoring, suppressing or misinterpreting them.
Feeling Magnets was created to help people build a better relationship with their emotions.


Imagine going through life and not being overwhelmed and taken over by emotions. Imagine fully understanding what you feel and knowing how to navigate through each emotion for a smoother ride through life. That’s what you will experience once you understand what emotions are really all about, you practice identifying and listening to your emotions and you make this part of your everyday life. It’s never too late to learn this but it’s never too soon to start.

Feeling Magnets gives you everything you need to master your emotions, build your emotional literacy and develop your emotional intelligence.

The beautiful packaging creates a ritual - the gift of time and attention. A wonderful present for yourself or someone special.



Each set contains:
  • 94 colorful magnets with carefully selected emotions grouped into 10 categories to help you navigate the vast array of emotions we experience
  • Portable tin box so you can take the Feeling Magnets with you wherever you go and so you have a private and safe space to express yourself
  • A beautifully designed guide that explains how you can get started on this journey to mastering your emotions
  • Bonus “I want to feel…” magnet to help you shift focus or identify what makes you feel happy
  • Access to the exclusive Feeling Magnets Member Club, which guides you to make the most of your Feeling Magnets and to get a deeper understanding of each emotion.



    What are Feeling Magnets for?

    You know what really makes life more complicated than it needs to be? Not understanding ourselves or our feelings and not navigating our emotions in the best possible way. Feelings come and go in waves… all the time. We can either let them pull us under and drag us down, or we can learn to surf them. That is what Feeling Magnets are for. They are your equipment to help you learn to surf your emotions like a pro.


    Today we might be doing alright. We might be getting by just fine. But is life really just about getting by? We might be fine most of the time and just occasionally feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable with certain emotions. Most of us have developed ways to deal with this… we might ignore our feelings or we might distract ourselves from them without realizing what we are missing out on. We have emotions for a reason and they actually show up to help us but we only get those messages if we pay attention to them.


    To surf through the emotions in our lives we need to know exactly what e are feeling, why and to consciously choose the best possible way to act. That is what the Feeling Magnets were created for.


    How Feeling Magnets are useful

    Feeling Magnets are a simple tool that prompts us to help us find the right words for how we feel. Finding the right words for how we feel is really powerful. It decreases the power of uncomfortable feelings and anchors the “positive” ones. And once we know what we are feeling, we can also respond in a more informed and conscious way.


    Feeling Magnets include a guide to help you understand what emotions really are all about and what each feeling is trying to tell you. It comes with free access to the Feeling Magnets Member Club (online newsletter series), which guides you on your journey to mastering your emotions and surfing your emotions like a pro. Ultimately, you will experience more of the emotions you enjoy and fewer, shorter and less intense bursts of the emotions that are uncomfortable. It’s time for a smoother ride through life.


    "By looking through all of the emotions I put up in my Feeling Magnets box, I find it a lot easier to clear my mind and find ways to work on myself to become more and more happy."
    -- Florina, Feeling Magnet User



    How to use Feeling Magnets

    Feeling Magnets can be your very private and personal tool to check in with yourself wherever you are. By sorting through the Feeling Magnets and finding the words to express how you currently feel, you can re-center and gain valuable insights about yourself in just a few short minutes.

    You can also use Feeling Magnets with your friends, family or significant other to better understand them and to see where each of you is at. It brings clarity and enhances conversations or discussions you have.

    Feeling Magnets are also used in conjunction with Emotional Intelligence trainings, life coaching and various types of therapy.


    And action...



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