What is Feeling Magnets all about
We all have feelings... all the time, but strangely we know very little about them. We generally also pay very little attention to them. Feeling Magnets are here to teach those who are interested how to understand emotions, what they are here for, what to do with them and essentially to build a healthy relationship with their emotions. 


Feeling Magnets is a profound and playful tool that reminds us to check in with our feelings, trains us to notice our emotions and empowers us to act consciously so we can live the lives we really want. Beyond the physical tool, Feeling Magnets is also a guide, to teach us about why we have our emotions and how they work. There is lots of information about emotions out there. Often it’s very scientific (and difficult to understand) or a bit vague (or hard to believe). Feeling Magnets unites different perspectives and makes real powerful scientific research practical and easy to understand.



“After using Feeling Magnets my clients felt less overwhelmed by their emotions and more able to identify emotions that were “muddy” before”

— Elizabeth Frei, Psychologist


“It’s a way of caring for myself in the midst of life’s ups and downs”

— Louise Le Gat, Writer. Speaker. Facilitator.




Feeling Magnets | Behind the Scenes


We are a dynamic team who work closely with a network of psychologists, neurologists, life coaches to make emotions accessible to everyone. We go digging into what has already been researched, translate it into practical advice or tools and distill it down to it's essence - because we know we are all short on time nowadays.


We value growth, choice, empowerment, equality, and believe that we are all capable of using our potential and making the most of our lives - but sometimes we need a little help along the way.


We are driven by sharing our knowledge, spreading the information we have learned with as many people as possible and helping people learn valuable life skills that allow them to lead more satisfying lives.