How to make your own Feeling Magnets

Our mission is to make feelings approachable for everyone.
By "approachable" we mean less scary, less taboo, easier to understand and easier to live with.


We know that the tools we have created for adults and for kids are very helpful to all kinds of people (young and old, never seen a therapist, coaches and therapists themselves, for training Emotional Intelligence, for working through a tough time and the list goes on...). We wish that we could just hand out Feeling Magnets to anyone who is motivated to learn and to discover.


As you can imagine, there is a cost associated with producing them, so we can't do that. We also want to keep creating more useful tools for people so that we can all live in a world where everyone can have a healthy relationship with their emotions, which we believe would be a safer, more peaceful and pleasant world.


We do want to make everything that we create accessible to as many people as possible. If Feeling Magnets or the My Feelings Box are currently not in your budget, here is how you can make them for yourself.


    1. Print out the feelings list (either on thicker paper or magnetic paper)
    2. Cut out each feeling
    3. If you are using paper, place a small piece of blue tack on the back of each emotion
    4. Stick them on a wall, fridge or frame
    5. Cut out or make a pretty title like "I am feeling..." or "I want to feel..."
    6. OPTIONAL: Add a picture of you (and others who will join in - partner, children...)


    Enjoy discovering and reconnecting to your emotions :-) 

    Make sure you sign up to the Emotion Course to learn more about your emotions, if you haven't already.