It can be a challenge to handle our emotions. Even as adults, we often we don’t fully comprehend what is going on inside us, what exactly we are feeling or why we feel a that way. And yet we all have feelings all the time so understanding our emotions is a critical skill to have.


Supporting our children to navigate through their emotions

And it’s a whole other challenge to try to support and teach our children to understand and navigate through their emotions. We want to support our children with the tools and skills to master their emotions and as a result...

Why use My Feelings Box for kids


This starts with learning to know exactly what they are feeling, why they feel it and to consciously choose the best possible way to act. That is what the My Feelings Box was created for.



My Feelings Box

The My Feelings Box is a playful approach to integrate into everyday life so kids can learn to “unlock your emotion superpower” (adult speak: learn how to understand and manage feelings). 


My Feelings Box Product Shots


My Feelings Box is a Tool and Prompt for kids
Help your child recognize their emotions
Find the right words to describe what they feel
Understand and navigate through their feelings



The My Feelings Box is a handy tin box filled with magnets. Each magnet has an emotion on it. The box also includes a fun guide to help children “unlock their emotion superpower”. It explains what emotions are, where they come from, what they want us to do and also what each specific feeling is trying to make us aware of. It offers children a fun and engaging way to learn the important life skills of harnessing their emotions and developing their emotional intelligence. Find out more about the My Feelings Box here.


How the My Feelings Box is Used
Kids use My Feelings Box on their own

Children use the My Feelings Box on their own so they have a neutral place where they can turn to and express their feelings.

Parents & Kids TogetherPARENTS & KIDS TOGETHER

The My Feelings Box serves as a conversation starter, helps them express themselves and further strengthens the bond between parent and child.


What parents are saying about the My Feelings Box

"After receiving them by mail I set them on the kitchen counter, thinking that I’d introduce them to our daughters over the weekend, when we could sit down and talk about them. I walked into the living room yesterday morning and Lizzie, our 8-year old, had discovered them. Intuitively, she knew exactly what to do and under “I feel…” she had put overwhelmed, worried, and anxious. Since it was the morning, I was surprised and asked why she was feeling that way. The night before she hadn’t finished her homework and was worried that her teacher would be upset. So, we figured that if she got ready fast enough that she’d have time to finish it that morning. She did, and was able to change her feelings to happy and calm. Yay!! Lizzie is an emotional child and I am looking forward to finding a way to fit the magnets into our regular routine. I think it will help her connect with her feelings and think creatively about how to change from feeling bad to feeling good and, consequently, have a better, more positive and constructive day." - Christie Martin, mother of two daughters

"I was given this for my two daughters (aged 6 and 8) and it's a great tool. They love just playing with it as it looks so appealing, but when we use it properly it gives them a chance to explore and understand their feelings beyond just being 'happy' or 'sad' and start to understand how complex our emotions can be, what they tell us, and how understanding our feelings can help us to decide what we need to do to reach our desired feelings. As my kids grow, I think the significance of this box will grow too. And I have to say, I've been really impressed with the sturdy packaging and very clear, but simple, instructions that come with the pack as well as the online support. Highly recommended! I think I may have to invest for the adult box for myself too!" - Melitta Campbell, mother of two daughters

"My daughter (7) had a massive emotional reaction at school today which actually pushed me to my limits as a parent. We came home and it continued so we got out the feelings box and honestly, I'm so pleased we have this. She calmed down while she figured out how she felt and is now much happier and playing with her brother and little friend. She really owed an apology to her friend and in the end she gave it unprompted. Parenting is HARD but being a small person is just as hard." - Lisa Sykes, mother of three